New Listings In The Real Estate Industry

A large part of the real estate business for agents has always been about getting the listing. Sending the postcards, making the presentation even making cold calls if need be. As I built my real estate business that was an important part of my work as well. When  I began to specialize my real estate work into luxury homes, listings became more than just a piece of inventory to be placed in a file and on the Internet like most home listings are handled. Luxury homes need to be presented and advertised in the correct fashion to the right clientele. Advertising a million dollar home in a book that is only found in the discount store exit or a web site that no one sees is not usually going to put the information in the right hands. The right real estate marketing is a skill developed over years of practice,  media contacts and web site positioning. It is also a very large monetary investment to advertise a luxury home properly  which is another reason many agents should not attempt it for their clients sake.

As the real estate market changed over the past few years my business adapted. Why would I want to take on a listing that was dropping in value on a daily basis which drove off most all buyers. I consider every real estate listing into my business as an investment which I expect to make a return on. I only market a property the right way, so if I expect I will  spend $20k to $30k  in marketing for a luxury property, I will also expect a sale in a reasonable amount of time at or close to the price we set. For quite a while that has been a very difficult formula to justify when making this investment.

This year real estate buyers from around the world have realized the housing market in Fort Myers and Cape Coral has reached a price point that makes sense again and have slowly begun investing again in our properties. Many sellers have also realized they can sell their home at a fair market price and still be in great financial shape because their next home they buy, no matter where it is, can now also be purchased at a very good price. There are still the real estate sellers  holding out and  wishing for that extra  few hundred thousand  dollars or more that we just cannot justify with the facts.  Those people will have to wait until the next market peak to sell their property at that price. The sellers with realistic expectations and who are willing to work with facts for the purpose of actually selling a property are who I am willing to work with now.

As I mentioned in another article, I put together a business plan to sell your property. We will meet and discuss your property and your expectations. I will tell you what I will do for you and my expectations as well. We will decide on a sale price that will make you competitive in the marketplace, come to terms on a listing contract and then the fun begins. I do mean fun too; I enjoy bringing a property to the real estate market. I  use some of the most unique and high exposure real estate marketing tools on a local,  national and international level. The property will be exposed to all Realtors as there is a great possibility one of them will bring  our buyer, but our marketing is targeted to the right  clientele where ever they may be whether it is Miami, the Northeast, Lake of the Ozarks or California.  I also have contacts in Canada, Germany, the UK and other locations across the planet where our clients come from.

To find out more and  to contact me about listing your property, go to my web site or call 239-878-0637.

What is a professional real estate agent?

Southwest Florida  is a great vacation destination and  place to live for people from all over the world. How is it that every other person you meet here has  a real estate license?  For home buyers and sellers it  is difficult to tell the difference between the professional and the inept agent especially with the  shallowness of the  image over substance fad in so much of society.  Low expectations  of  real estate agent sales performance has  also desensitized the public to the inept agent.  Unfortunately, the real estate  industry is  where a person with no experience, qualifications,  or interest in professional  education besides the minimum required can place their name on the business card of  a  company and  suddenly be an expert  consulting the public  on spending their life savings. Additionally,  even the worst  agents can usually keep their  jobs in perpetuity regardless of performance if they pay their fees.  Their business cards look the same as the professional.  Their  pre-packaged presentations  usually sound impressive. How can the general public tell the difference between the professional and the people with nothing to offer?

Here are a few tips to help  recognize the professional real estate  agent. The State of Florida  has two tiers of residential property sales licensing, the sales person license and the broker license. In Florida a licensed sales person must be active in the  business for at least two years,  complete additional  professional coursework and pass extensive testing to  obtain a brokers license. A sales person  is not required  to become a broker.  The broker  has chosen to go  the extra  mile to become a  highly trained professional in the industry. Brokers are common in finer real estate companies  and do not cost any more to work with. Only a broker can own a real estate company, but most like myself choose to work with other brokers in their company. Wouldn’t you always want to work directly with a licensed broker?  There are national and international educational designations and accreditations  in the real estate  industry like the GRI (Graduate of Realtor Institute) and ABR (Accredited Buyers Representative)  that I possess  which show an agent, eithor sales person or broker,  has devoted him or herself to continued  advancement and achievement in their career. These designations are achieved through extensive classroom education and usually require performance criteria like a  documented track record of a number of successful transactions in the real estate industry within a  specific time period. Agents are also not required to obtain any designations if they do not wish.  There is no  reason you should not always choose to  work with an agent  who is proven to be educated, dedicated  and  has a track record of success in the real estate industry.  To be completely fair,  we shouldn’t  deny the  potential of an intelligent and ambitious new agent, but be certain you are comfortable working with their learning curve and realistic about your expectations of them. Many agents  claim to be professionals and experts just because they  have been in the business for many years. Years of mediocrity  and  stagnation in a field  does not make a person a professional. I have met new agents that surpass the accomplishments of their twenty year career peers their first year in the business. Age does not always equal wisdom and a persistent failure is still just a failure.  Don’t hire an agent because they are someone who lives near by or is a friend or relative or your hair  stylist knows them. Don’t hire the “people person”. My dog could be considered a  great agent under that definition. Hire  someone because they actually are a great agent  and an accomplished  professional. In Florida go to  and look up  the agents name  for license complaints, violations and convictions. That should be one of the first things you ever do before considering working with an agent to protect yourself. A professional  agent should also have a strong Internet presence. That means a  well ranked  personal and company web site. Any agent who does not have a strong personal website should be ruled out of consideration immediately. Today there is no excuse to not have a good website in this industry and that should be considered the minimum acceptable technology level. My personal site is simple yet very effective. If you  consider working with a team,  consider who the leader or primary agent in your transaction  is and why that person is not helping you directly.  Also, consider if the subordinant team agent  or family member assigned to you is qualified and competent  to perform the work independently  since the  leader is apparently too busy to do the work  you are contracting for. Teams are not always a bad thing, but they are easily and often abused by agents who can not manage their own business, which puts your business at risk.

Some things  are  consistant for  true professionals in any industry  as well as  just good people  like personal integrity, accountability, service, ethics, hard work, overcoming obstacles and doing a job right . Those things  define the  professional real estate agent. Don’t ever settle for less.